Eko And Friends

It’s no secret that Eko makes an outstanding friend.

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Eko has small friends

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Big friends

Rhodesian Ridgebacks playing

And friends that are exactly the same size

Rhodesian Ridgeback Eko also has plenty of human friends he likes to hang out with

Rhodesian Ridgeback adventure

And he even has a few cross-species friends that he likes to visit on occasion

Eko has made a lot of friends, but there will always be new friends to meet.  And this week Eko will be meeting a new type of friend for the first time.  I for one am extremely interested to see how Eko reacts when he meets someone who is even more of a baby than he is!

Time for us to get the place ready – check back tomorrow to meet Eko’s new friend!

15 thoughts on “Eko And Friends”

  1. Buddy and I thinks its a new baby in the famliy ? But how you are, it could be anything ? LOL
    Couple years ago I took my mom and my Germen Shepherd Charlie up to SD and went in Bear City USA, has all kinds of animals and you Drive though it with the animals all around you. Boy did Charlie have a great time seeing and smelling all the Bears,Buffalo , Goats, Mountain Loins and Donkeys Which came up to the van Windows to check Charlie out and he was a good Boy.
    This was Charlie’s last road trip he was able to take, he passed away a couple months later.
    But Will if you have not been to Bear City USA with your sidekick Eko, you guys would love it there ! Then theres the Drive called The Scenic Drive in SD where its part of the Bad Lands if I remember right, But it took has Búfalos, Donkeys and so on, there is a couple differnt routes you can take, and again Eko and you would love it ! I did find almost every where we went in SD they were Dog Friendly and let you bring your dog in with you !


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