The Adventures Of Eko And Ceci

Just walked in the door from a whirlwind day.  Eko and Ceci are snoring in their respective beds and it is up to me to tell the tale of our trip – presuming I don’t fall asleep at the computer first.

This morning I was amazed at how far Eko and Ceci had come along in less than twenty-four hours.  The novelty started to wear off for Eko and Ceci became increasingly inquisitive.  The two partners in crime are finding the right balance that works for them.


“See. Will?  I am being calm and gentle just like you asked”

Yesterday I showed Ceci one of my favorite places – the zoo. So today Eko got to play host and introduce Ceci to one of his favorite places in the city – Montrose Dog Beach.


Montrose Beach: Land of the free (roaming dogs) and home of the brave (Ceci!)

The nice part about Montrose Beach is that a section of the beach is reserved just for people.  That meant Ceci could watch Eko romp with his friends without worrying about getting caught up in the ruckus.  It was fun to see Ceci smile and watch her eyes track Eko’s gallop.  I think we have the makings of a dog lover for sure!


When Ceci is old enough to build sand castles, Eko will make an excellent assistant


At the end of our trip Eko was so nonchalant about Ceci’s presence that she had to give him a baby-kick to the head to get his attention! 

IMG_1276-2Eko took it in stride and blew Ceci some kisses before we hit the road

I think Eko will be ready to babysit in no time at all.  I also think The Adventures Of Eko And Ceci might be the name of a children’s adventure series I should write!



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