The Adventures Of Eko And Ceci (Part 2)

Combined, Eko and I have nearly forty-five minutes worth of babysitting experience, so we figured it was time for our first solo excursion to test our skills and give Molly some time to relax.  First and foremost, we had to initiate Ceci into the Adventure Club.


Eko’s induction into the Adventure Club 


And Ceci’s induction.  Notice both Eko and Ceci give the, “Hey, you are not really going to let this guy watch me?” face

After the ceremony I strapped Ceci into her carrier, snapped Eko’s leash on his collar and we were off to the park!


Eko and Ceci demonstrate that the “I can’t believe I have to be seen in public with this guy” look is a cross-species phenomenon


Eko and Ceci commiserated about their shared fate and discussed the best ways they could make a break for it


At the park Eko and Ceci only had eyes for each other


“I bet I could ride him…”


The two cozied up nicely and Ceci wasn’t the least bit afraid

IMG_1371-2 Eko followed my “gentle” command perfectly and he quietly let Ceci pet him

I tried to teach Ceci how to walk Eko, but she had lunch on her mind so we will save that lesson for another day!

At the beginning of the week I have to admit that I was nervous about how Eko and Ceci would get along, but I am happy to report that it looks like these two will be friends for years to come!

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