How Tired Is Eko?

After a fun week, Eko had to say goodbye to his new partner in crime, Ceci.  It’s rainy and cold here again, but that suits us just fine.  With all the action of the past few days, it is a perfect time to relax in front of a fire.  Of course we had to move the couch first.  Eko was quite content to be Project Manager while Emily and I did the work.

That big puppy was so whipped he didn’t even bother to get his butt off the couch!  Can’t say I blame him though.  There will be plenty of time for a baby down the road, but for right now I am happy to enjoy the fire with my big four-legged baby.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “How Tired Is Eko?”

  1. R&R sounds great, I highly recommend it. I’m off to meet my California Girl Alys tonight and we’re going to hang in the garden together and follow Eko’s example. I saw a Ridgeback while we were going out for dinner in Napa last night. Eko double. I told them about your awesome blog so maybe they’ll stop by!

  2. Poor Eko, so tired. Sometimes I am so wiped out, mom carries me upstairs to bed because she feels bad making me get up and walk…spoiled like Eko and that is how it should be for a dog 🙂


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