My Dog Is A Better Painter Than I Am

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, even a guy like me can fake minor artistic talent online.  A few clicks and I can transform a regular photo into something a bit more artsy.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A photo filter did the work for me in making Eko look like he’s in a comic book

Dog adventure

In just a few clicks I can easily make this knock-off pop art

Rhodesian Ridgeback photo

And about five minutes was all it took to have Eko popping out of this photo

Thankfully, life is always there to hand you a big old slice of humble pie just when you need it.  Last Saturday I went to a group painting class with Emily.  The helpful instructor informed us that we would paint a still life of a forest landscape.  I nodded my head as the instructor spoke, but my brain for some reason told me that I should paint the majestic African plains, richly detailed and exquisitely colored.  The triumphant focus of the painting would be a lion in full stride with Eko galloping close behind.

“I have edited lots of photos, I got this!” I thought.  As you have certainly guessed, I did not “get that.”  It took me the better part of the week to find the courage to put my “majestic” painting on the internet, but I figured it would be a proper penance for my acrylic sins.  Without further adieu:

Pet adventure

Next time I am going to listen to the instructor

Most days I wonder what Eko would say if he could talk, but on occasions like this I am grateful he can’t talk because I know exactly what he would say – “Even I could do better than that, and I have no thumbs!”  He would be correct.  Maybe I’ll bring him with me next time I decide to take a class.  Until then, I’ll leave the art to the artists and resume my duties as a knucklehead – which based on the above painting, I never really stopped performing in the first place!

16 thoughts on “My Dog Is A Better Painter Than I Am”

  1. Bravo for trying something new! I saw some paintings in Union Square today (central San Fran) that pale in comparison and I’m not even kidding. Our Zoo in Edmonton has the penguins walk thru paint then across a canvas. They sell them for like $300 a pop to support the zoo. I figure you’re at least as good as them.


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