[VIDEO] Ready For Memorial Day Weekend

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Memorial Day Weekend isn’t until next weekend.  But, like me, I bet many of you will be on the move next Friday to a barbecue, beach or backyard.  Weather and calendar aside, in my mind summer always kicks off with Memorial Day Weekend, and I am excited for our first full summer here in Chicago.  This summer promises to hold lots of trips and adventures, but more than anything I know that Eko is excited for the beach!  Check out Eko in his element – persuading two indifferent pups at the dog beach to chase after him.  He sure knows how to rile a dog up!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

15 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Ready For Memorial Day Weekend”

    • Just luck, I guess – Chicago has lots of land, so there are plenty of dog parks to go around. It’s great for when Eko really needs to stretch his legs.


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