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Something interesting started to happen when Eko and I moved to Chicago last year.  This photo was taken on one of our first Chi-town adventures.


pet friendly blog, marking our territory, pet adventure

A dark haired man and his Ridgeback in mid-stride

A couple weeks later I went for a haircut and while waiting for a chair I happened to come across this page in a GQ magazine.

pet friendly blog, marking our territory, pet adventure

A dark haired man and his Ridgeback in mid-stride. Coincidence?


Surely the editors at GQ weren’t borrowing from my blog.  I moved on and last fall posted this video of Eko playing three card monte with a treat and cups:


And wouldn’t you know it, look what came up in the New York Times!



pet friendly blog, marking our territory, pet adventure

A photo from an article about Brian Hare and his dog cognition study (c/o NYT)

Happenstance of course.  I’m not the first person to try the ball and cups game with my pup.  Life went on, as it tends to do, and Eko and I recently had a blast playing with Emily’s niece during her visit.

Rhodesian Ridgeback


Eko going in for this smooch was a popular photo

Now you can imagine my surprise when I saw yesterday’s cover of the New York Times Magazine.

pet friendly blog, marking our territory, pet adventureI missed my mouth with my spoonful of cereal when I first saw this cover (photo c/o NYT)

It’s almost like these publications are getting article ideas from this blog.  But maybe  I’m just letting my imagination get the best of me.  I mean, take this recent article from the USA Today Pet Guide for example.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Sure, that dog looks like Eko, but it’s not like I took that photo

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Oh wait, yes I did!

Did I trick any of you!?  USA Today asked readers for suggestions about the most pet-friendly cities in the country and I submitted this photo along with info about our awesome trip to Austin last year.  Pretty cool – so be on the lookout for it next time you’re getting your hair cut!  And if any of the other three coincidences are an indication, you can find tomorrow’s pet news here on Marking Our Territory today!





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  1. OMGosh!!!! Awesome blossom, Bazinga, Shazam and so many other superlatives I don’t know how to spell 😀 Congratulations on your print contribution. I remember that post and that’s just a great photo Will. Hope you have a frame picked out, add it to the Wall of Fame. I’m certain it will be full in no time.


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