Teaching Eko To Fly

As you may or may not know, I am the proud owner of one of the most advanced pieces of  workout technology this planet has ever seen:


Now that summer is (mostly) here, it means that my four-legged workout machine will be more eager than ever to get out and try new things.  I always enjoy a good challenge and thanks to the Pro Plan P5 app I have found the perfect way for Eko and I to get some great exercise and training.

p5 1 The P5 app offers customized tracking for your dog’s training progress in everything from obedience to dock diving 

While all the training options are great, unfortunately I don’t have regular access to an agility course or a dock for practice.  And so I was drawn to the flying disc section of the app which has step-by-step instructions to have your pup flying through the air.  Unlike many dogs, Eko for some reason does not jump to catch toys or treats when I toss them.  He prefers to let them fall and then pounce.  I have always wanted to teach him to fly and now I have the tools to do so.  I don’t think it will be easy, but I hope that with the P5 app and some dedicated training I can have Eko catching discs by the end of the summer.

One day soon?

Not sure that we will get to this level (and not sure my back could support this) but I’m dreaming big

I hope to post updates/videos about our progress every two weeks or so throughout the summer.  I’m sure the first few attempts will be good for a laugh.

Anyone else have any big summer time pet adventure plans?  This flying disc challenge is item #1 on our summertime bucket list, but I’m hoping to add many more!


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