[VIDEO] Slowing Eko Down

I can’t slow Eko down in real life but thanks to the magic of modern technology I can at least slow him down on my computer.  Recently I have been experimenting with shooting/editing slow motion video and I found that slow-mo can really help bring out Eko’s personality – especially when he is the one recording the video with the Ekocam!  Check it out:

Even when I’m on my computer, Eko is teaching me new things.  Without him I never would have researched slow-motion video and figured out how to do this.  Hopefully when I get good enough at recording/editing we’ll be ready to shoot Eko a demo reel for Hollywood ;-).  If you have any questions about the best way to record/edit for slow motion, just let me know.  I’m an amateur myself but I can definitely point you in the right direction.

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  1. I’d love some pointers!

    Is the original footage digital and you did all the editing with Adobe Premiere? I have a Canon Powershot that has a record button and some good “movies” of Optimus swimming. What’s my first step (after buying the Adobe)?

    • All the original footage is digital and all of the editing was done in Adobe Premiere Elements 11. Premiere has a “Time Remapping” tool that makes it very easy to speed up/slow down video – there are a number of youtube tutorials to follow as well. The other key to good slow-mo footage is shooting your video with a high frame rate. The GoPro camera on Eko’s back had a setting where you can change the resolution/frame rate you shoot at, so I put it at the highest frame rate possible. The higher the frame rate the more you can slow your footage down without making it look choppy. Not sure if the powershot has a lot of customization in the frame rate department, but regardless you can still slow the video down using the same steps, you just won’t be able to slow it down as much. Be sure to click the “frame blur” box in the time remapping tool to help smooth out your footage. If you follow the Adobe video tutorials they make it very easy to do. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


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