Sights, Scents And Sounds From The Weekend

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that this promises to be the least productive workweek in America this year.  The Fourth of July is Thursday which means that many people have off Wednesday and Friday which means that people will want to leave early from work on Tuesday which means that right now I know plenty of people who are spending today waiting for Tuesday to get here!

A long holiday weekend means Eko and I have a lot of fun to look forward to, so we decided to take it easy this past weekend.  Nevertheless, even when we’re not out on an adventure, fun stuff is bound to happen.  Take for instance Eko’s close encounter of the furred-kind.


Pet adventure, dog blog, marking our territory, pet photos

Out on our afternoon walk, Eko caught a glimpse of this pensive feline.  I expected the cat to dash off at the sight of Eko, but the little guy only yawned

Pet adventure, dog blog, marking our territory, pet photos

Only a thin screen separated the two, but the feline was unconcerned with Eko’s sniff test

Are you real?

After a bit of a staring contest, Eko and I headed on our way and left stoic cat to continue to ponder the meaning of the universe.  My bet is that our feline friend was an older cat and therefore long past the point of being bothered by passing pups

Emily and I grabbed food at a couple different places this weekend and I found further evidence to support my theory that pub owners are dog lovers.

Pet adventure, dog blog, marking our territory, pet photos

I wasn’t looking for a shot with my lunch, but I plan to try a Bad Dog next time!

Pet adventure, dog blog, marking our territory, pet photos

A good beer to support good people and good dogs – I’m in!

And as often is the case, we ended the weekend by kicking back and watching a movie.

Pet adventure, dog blog, marking our territory, pet photos

“Oh no, this part is too scary, I can’t watch!”

Eko nixed the idea of painting ourselves like the American Flag on Thursday, so now our first order of business is to find some patriotic outfits for our holiday trip to the beach!


Underestimating the kitties is a mistake, Will and Eko! I once had a cat (that was extremely mild mannered) that chased a big Lab out of our yard… a quick swipe across the nose with those dagger claws is all that’s needed! Of course, Eko is too nice for that to happen 🙂

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