[VIDEO] Eko Has Treat Telekinesis!

Normally the videos I post require I record a lot of footage, take shots from multiple angles and edit it all together.  They are always a lot of fun to make, but they can be time/resource intensive.  That’s why I get a kick out of Vine Video – a video app from Twitter that only gives you seven seconds to record.  There’s no learning curve, all you need is your thumb and a phone with a camera. There’s no do overs and no editing but that doesn’t mean you can’t put together some really fun and creative videos.  Here’s a video of Eko moving a treat across the table with just the power of his mind:

Vine is a easy app to use and I think it’s perfect for capturing fun moments with your pet.  The only limit is your creativity so I’m hoping to come up with ideas for more short videos in the future.  If you use the app be sure to send me a link so I can check out your videos too.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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