Does Your Pet Have A Comfort Object?

As a kid I was just like Linus from Charlie Brown. I would carry my favorite blanket with me wherever I went, so I completely understand the importance of a good comfort object.

But comfort objects are not just for people.  My brother’s dog has a favorite bone he will carry around when he is anxious.  I also recently learned that otters have a favorite rock that they like to keep with them.  While I support comfort objects I also support not having to buy a new pair of sandals every time I leave Eko home.


These used to be my nice sandals

I kept my current pair of sandals in the closet while I was out, but I got lazy and stopped putting them away.  Luckily Eko seemed to be over his sandal kick and they were left untouched.  Or so I thought.

dog blog, pet adventure, petcentric, marking our territory, comfort object

One day I came home and noticed one sandal was a bit further away from the other.  “Maybe I kicked it off in a rush,” I thought

dog blog, pet adventure, petcentric, marking our territory, comfort object

Then I would discover one sandal would be very far from the other.  I suspected Eko, but he played innocent.  There were no teeth marks in the sandal to convict him with

dog blog, pet adventure, petcentric, marking our territory, comfort object

But one day I stealthily discovered it was for sure Eko

And now I’m torn.  I think Eko likes the sandal because it has my scent and I like that it provides him some comfort when I’m out.  I can’t really scold him for eating it because there is not a single tooth mark in it.  I am leaning towards allowing Eko to borrow the sandal while I’m out but there is a part of me that says I’m just asking for him to chew through them one day.

Any suggestions?  Does your pet have a comfort object?  I would definitely like to find Eko an alternative, but I’m not sure what to give him.


26 thoughts on “Does Your Pet Have A Comfort Object?”

  1. Does Eko snuggle with the sandal? Or is he just carrying it around like a toy?

    My parents Springer Oliver, will pick up any shoe laying on the floor an bring it to you, like a toy, however if you don’t notice, or take it fast enough, you might never see it again. He Will hide it!

    Last winter my Dad lost 2 pairs of slippers. Eventually Oliver gave my Dad the right slipper from 1 pair and the left of the other. He never chews on them just steals them.

  2. Sounds like Eko has adopted that shoe……Sam used to have a comfort object but these days I think I’m his comfort object! He follows me around all day and when I sit he’s in my lap. I can think of WORSE comfort objects (!) but I’m thinking of nicknaming him “Velcro Boy” !


  3. Your feet have more concentrated sweat glands than anywhere else on your body which is why dogs are drawn to our feet, socks and shoes. I would recommend wearing a pair of socks and then tieing knots in them for Eko and see if he will accept them for comfort instead of your sandals 🙂 My puppy is definitely a sock puppy – he loves carrying them around, rolling on them and sleeping with them.

    • Aha, now we have the science to back it up! You are the third person to suggest the sock-tie, so I will have to try to pull the switcheroo on Eko. I need some new socks anyways, and I don’t want to have to buy new sandals if Eko sinks his teeth into these ones!

  4. Tonto likes to steal my slipper when we’re out. It has a few bite marks in it, but it’s still wearable. I say let him have it but then keep a spare back-up in the closet just incase!


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