[VIDEO] Eko Is Afraid Of Heights?

This week I learned about what might be Eko’s greatest fear: heights. Well, one particular height, actually.  Here’s our attempt to help Eko overcome that fear.

Who knows why he was scared, I’m just glad I could help Eko get over his fear.  Hope everyone here in the US has a great Labor Day Weekend!

19 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Eko Is Afraid Of Heights?”

  1. You’re just great with the positive love and training and make it look easy. I love Eko’s floppy ears looking thru the railing for treats too! Happy weekend to you guys.

  2. It is great that you helped him. My RRs do not like walking down the stairs on the rail side but will do it if needed with the same droopy RR face E has in the video.

    He is gorgeous and I love your blog.


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