[VIDEO] Eko’s On And Off Again Relationship

Ah, young love.  It can certainly be fickle.  Check out Eko’s hot and cold relationship with his favorite frenemy.

Any guesses as to why Eko’s relationship isn’t more harmonious?

19 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Eko’s On And Off Again Relationship”

  1. That is too funny! Taylor’s relationship with the hair dryer is all HATE!!! Through and through! She DOES have a love/hate relationship with something else, and that is with her mommy and daddy whenever we come home minutes after petting another dog! She runs up to us to say HI and play, then stops dead in her tracks to smell us, then backs away for a bit. The process then repeats itself one or two more times before she finally understands and is OK with the fact that, for a brief moment, mommy/daddy cheated on her with another dog!

  2. Chancy’s love/hate relationship is with the lawnmower. When we start it up he chews on and barks like crazy but when I start mowing he walks along side me or the mower never making a sound. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Will I understand what you are saying.
    Buddy is the same way with the blow drier and brushing him out? I never could understand why ?
    Also he acts one way inside the house, sweet, listens, but get him outside in the yard he acts
    as a different dog ? But anywhere out of the yard he acts like he does in the house ?
    I have read, and asked others about this and no one can tell me what I can do ? But all that matters to me is Buddy loves me and is always there for me, then I can over look these couple of things. Maybe because Buddy is still in his puppy years and he will grow out of it one day ?
    Thanks Will & Eko


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