What Is The Best Way To Walk Multiple Dogs?

Yesterday I mentioned how our time with Riley reminded me how much I would like to get Eko a little sibling one day.  Sure it is great dreaming about all the fun stuff, but I also got to thinking about the practical aspects as well.  First and foremost, I wondered about what the best techniques are for walking multiple dogs at once.  I have seen master walkers handle a whole pack of pups on loose leashes, but how do they do it?


When Eko and Riley caught sight of a rabbit they both lunged forward


And I did my best to implement a “we don’t walk unless both leashes are loose” rule

My walks with Eko and Riley were by no means perfect, but I felt we made some progress.  Although now I’m not so sure.  It was easier to have a leash in each hand, but I felt like a bit of a sidewalk hog.  I have seen dogs share a sled-harness type leash that keeps them close together, but I don’t think that would work for dogs of markedly different size.  I also realized that when walking two dogs, personality is an important consideration as well.

Let's go!

Scout, my mom’s dog is naturally a much slower walker than Eko

Double trouble

And Dutch, my brother’s dog, is a fast walker but loves to make frequent stops to smell just about everything

Like anything else, time and practice are key factors but I need to figure out exactly what I should be practicing in the first place.  There are a lot of different factors to consider.  I’m sure there are a number of solutions and strategies here so if you are someone who has experience walking more than one dog at a time I would love to hear some tips.  Thanks!

24 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Walk Multiple Dogs?”

  1. My small company makes a new product for walking 2, 3 or 4 untrained dogs, it’s called a UTurn handle. It is a 3-dog 3-leash handle with 3 grips. My wife or I use it nearly every day to walk our 3 cairn terriers and in the weekend often 4 with one person when our daughter is here with her maltese-yorkie. With 4 dogs you use 3 leashes on the handle and one separate leash not attached to the handle.

    It is a patent pending invention and the beauty of it is that you can untangle all 3 leashes with half turns of the handle while walking. In addition, you can direct each dog individually or protect a weaker dog from being pulled or jerked around as happens with couplers. We sell it on our website, and also on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

  2. When we had 2 dogs (Daisy & Chloe), we had a 2-way leash and after a learning curve of a couple of weeks, they walked really well together. They were about the same size, but Daisy was slower and not so inquisitive. She did hold Chloe back some and Chloe did convince Daisy to live a little.
    We didn’t always use the tandem lead. If both Dave and I were walking we each took a dog but if one of us was on our own, we used the tandem lead. You just have to work through the frustration of the first few weeks.

  3. Hi there Mr. Will and Eko dude! Mom uses a coupler when she walks Butthead and I together, I hate it coz’ I have to watch what side of Butthead I am on if I want to mark something…but by the same token, he’s learned the hard way how to stay out of my way…hahaha! Mom likes the coupler coz’ when I want to go one way and Butthead wants to go the other way we end up keeping each other in check and we end up going the way Mom wants to go anyway…works especially well, when we go on our morning jog with Mom (which Butthead has now weaseled his way into).

    • Aha! I never thought about how a coupler could help make the walk easier by having opposing forces cancel each other out. I would also love to run with both pups at once so I will have to keep this in mind. Thanks!

  4. We had two dogs at one time. Luckily we lived in the country and a leash wasn’t mandatory like in the city. What I did was walk one leashed and one off leashed. Then on the next walk I switch. The off leash one always stayed with the pack even without a leash.


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