The Best Dog Toy I Never Bought

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been over a year since Eko and I finished our road trip around the country.  However, we still have a souvenir from our last stop – Montana – to remember the road by.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dogs, marking our territory, photos

Understandbly, Eko misses our backyard in Montana

Montana is home to a vast amount of wildlife, and while Eko was out romping in the yard he discovered that one buck left behind a piece of last season’s fashion. The buck’s loss was Eko’s gain.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, dogs, marking our territory, photos

A delicious antler was the reward for our intrepid explorer


The antler came to our new apartment with us and for the past twelve months it has kept the little guy busy

Unlike some of the other bones I bought him, the antler remained a fixture of Eko’s attention.  He doesn’t always chomp on it, but he will consistently go back to it at least a few times a week.  The antler is great for me because it doesn’t smell and it isn’t messy. Most toys I buy Eko are lucky to last twelve minutes, but check out how the antler is doing after twelve months.


The two prongs are gone, but the main part of the antler remains


Both Eko and the antler are still going strong!

If you haven’t bought your pup an antler before I highly recommend you look into it.  They are fairly expensive but I can tell you they are more than worth the investment.  I will definitely buy Eko another antler…if he ever gets through this one that is!

27 thoughts on “The Best Dog Toy I Never Bought”

  1. Did you do anything special to the antler, or just pick it up off the ground and bring it home? We find antlers on our hikes sometimes, and I’ve seen the antlers in pet stores, but I couldn’t decide if it was OK to just bring a “free range” antler back home or I’d have to prepare/dog-proof it somehow.

    • I was worried about that too, but I researched it and my vet said it was fine. As an added bonus, since the antler was “fresh” I knew that it would not be brittle or sprayed with preservatives to keep it from cracking, as some low end antlers unfortunately are. The one side was slightly sharp so I wore that down as a precaution. Eko took right to the antler and it’s been a stalwart for over a year with absolutely no issues- it was quite a great find for us.


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