[VIDEO] Eko Goes Snorkeling

Some days I debate bringing my camera to a familiar spot like the dog beach.  The routine is usually the same, I tell myself, so why bother.  Well I’m glad I decided to bring my camera on our last trip because otherwise I would have missed capturing Eko’s latest exploits.  He’s no Portuguese Water Dog, but that doesn’t stop him from testing the depths – check it out:

Looks like my guy is ready to be a professional treasure hunter.  Whatever you’re up to this weekend, don’t forget to bring your camera!

23 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Eko Goes Snorkeling”

  1. Such a sweet video! And I completely agree on your advise to always have your camera handy. Just a few days ago, while I was walking Taylor, she became completely obsessed with a squirrel that was up in a tree! The squirrel must have been shouting obscenities at Taylor, or something, because she forgot about her walk and wanted nothing more than to suddenly have the ability to climb up trees and tackle the evil squirrel! And it just HAD to be the day when I forgot my smartphone! 🙁 I could have had some awesome video footage!

    • Haha, I really like imagining a squirrel trash talking a dog from up in a tree. There’s been a few times like that for me where I would have paid big money to have my camera on me. That’s why I always bring it, you never know when squirrels will start running their mouths!

  2. Oh, yes!! We think sweet Eko is ready for scuba gear. 🙂 He is so smart and did a great job figuring out how to get his treasure. Great video Will. You all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Great video! I had fun watching EKo figure things out. LOL Juley wouldn’t put a paw in the watch unless she has to. Have a great weekend!


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