A Weekend With Friends

Emily and I had a wedding in Washington, DC this weekend and since we didn’t get a +1 on the invitation Eko had to stay in Chicago.  Luckily for Eko, our friend Rachel and her pup Riley were happy to have Eko sleep over.  While I was having fun in DC with my friends it put me at ease knowing that Eko was have fun with his friend in Chicago.


What is the definition of a good friend?  For Eko, it’s someone who has a ball…


…and is happy to chase him when he steals it!


Rachel texted me this photo to let me know that things were going just fine

Leaving my friends in DC after a fun weekend was tough, but it was made much easier by the greeting I got from my best friend when I returned.


(*Edit: link seems to be broken, but if you click above it should open properly) A flying kiss and a jump directly into my lap!  Saying hello to Eko is a contact sport


After a fun weekend, Eko is taking today to catch up on beauty sleep

No matter what species you are, nothing beats having great friends to spend time with!

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  1. hmmm, a wedding? ‘gives me another suggestion for your Halloween outfits. You in a tux, and Eko in a veil, and Emily can go with y’all, a best man would be so funny…. but, a bridesmaid would round it out well..


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