Seeing Double, Twice

I don’t think there is any one reason, but it seems like I often see dog breeds in pairs. Some are litter mates, some find the same home through a rescue organization and others just happen to be at the park at the same time.  No matter how they end up together, these pup pairs usually make for a good photo.

marking our territory, two dogs, adventure, petcentric

I call this shot, “Pug of War”

marking our territory, two dogs, adventure, petcentric

In the offseason, these guys interviewed Eko about trying out for their sled dog team 

marking our territory, two dogs, adventure, petcentric

“U-Boat” our German Shepard friend who likes to submerge himself hangs at the beach with his little sister

marking our territory, two dogs, adventure, petcentric

And like a gentledog, Eko always lets the “Golden Girls” cool off first

marking our territory, two dogs, adventure, petcentricNo one liners needed, we met these two – Batman and Robin – at the pet store one day

In this case, dogs are kind of like poker – two of a kind is nice, but not very rare. Yesterday however,  life dealt me a hand I have never seen before. Four of a kind!

Double, Double Trouble!

No tricks, no dogs up my sleeve!  We saw these four ladies hanging out on our way back from the beach.  Not only that, but they were momentarily close enough for me to snap this photo

Four of a kind is definitely a record for me.   And I guess I can no longer post about my difficulties walking two dogs together.  Anyone else have a good story of seeing doggie duplicates?

17 thoughts on “Seeing Double, Twice”

  1. We have 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels….. 2 red & white, one ruby and one tri colored. We have a doggie door and fenced in backyard but when we walk them I take 2 and my husband takes 2. Handful? yes ….. but they are our fur-kids.

  2. “Pug o wars” LOL…good one Will. I had two dogs from one litter once. They didn’t look much alike though. Hailey looked like a lab and Jasper looked like a mini-shepard with flopped ears. So darn cute to have two at once. When they were little, they’d wrestle around. Wish I had a camera in my phone then 🙁


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