The World’s Best Friends

Dogs have unquestionably earned the nickname “man’s best friend,” but it is increasingly apparent to me that the moniker sells our canine friends short.  Dogs are no just best friends to people, they are best friends to just about every species.  Photographer Barry Bland has captured the joy of some of these inter-species friendships and his photos can’t help but make you smile.

Best friends

 Surya, an orangutan, and her pal Roscoe, a Blue Tick Hound


Bubbles, an elephant, carries around her pal Bella, a black lab, in the waters of her preserve


Bubbles also acts as a launchpad for Bella!

In zoos and on preserves, dogs are often paired with other animals to help socialize them and keep them company.  Dogs are like that one friend at the party that everyone agrees is exceptionally nice.  From house cats to lions, it seems that the right dog can find a way to be friends with just about any animal.

Not quite the same

Unfortunately for us, my apartment is not elephant friendly so Eko had to settle for the miniaturized toy version

It's a start!

Exactly like Bubbles and Bella! Well maybe not exactly…

One day, Eko, one day

Best buds. Sort of.

I guess friendship is a universal language and dogs are its native speakers.  Now I just need to find an elephant friendly apartment in Chicago and we will be in business!

7 thoughts on “The World’s Best Friends”

  1. I love photos and stories about inter-species friendships. It’s clear to me that animals have deep feelings and can form relationships…and people often don’t acknowledge this. Good luck with that apartment, Will. 😉

  2. Will I think maybe the other animals, can tell and feel that the dogs are no threat to them and are humble, and just want to play with them ? Or they feel relaxed around the dogs, because when I am stressed out and Buddy comes by me to be petted, hugged, I can really feel his calming energy and I feel better, or having a bad day, he helps me out. I also noticed this with my other dogs to. I know there have been.studies about this, and this is one of the reasons therapy dogs are used with the sick.and elderly.
    So maybe these other animals can feel all this
    good energy that dogs have ?

    Oh I am leaving in a little bit, to go camping again for the week, at the same place where all those Pugs were in the RV, if they are still there or come there, I.will be sure this time to take some pictures for you can check it out and hope laugh as I did, with these little clowns.


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