“Grandmother, What Big Ears You Have.”

As far as ears go, Eko’s ears go pretty far.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, eko, marking our territory, adventure, chicago

As a long-eared dog in the Windy City, Eko often looks like he’s a moments notice from flying off

In general, long-eared dogs are often more prone to ear infections.  And lately Eko has not been doing himself any favors in that regard.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, eko, marking our territory, adventure, chicago

Diving for sunken treasure is fun, but water logged ears are not!

After our trips to the beach I do my best to clean and dry Eko’s ears, but this week I noticed the redness and irritation of a classic ear infection.  Alas, adventure has its costs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, eko, marking our territory, adventure, chicago

Eko may not be able to read, but he knew where we were and he was less than thrilled

Rhodesian Ridgeback, eko, marking our territory, adventure, chicago

“Will, how could you do this to me!? We were just here.”

Although Eko’s melancholy might indicate otherwise, our trip to the vet was a good one. I picked up an anti-bacterial/anti-yeast prescription that cleared up Eko’s ear in just a few days.  More importantly I also discovered a few products that should help keep us out of the vet’s office in the future.


I now have three over the counter products which used together can help prevent and treat minor ear infections. The vet prescription has enough medication to treat a couple more substantial infections should they rise.  I’m happy about having these, but as you can see, they’re not Eko’s favorite! 

If you have a pup like Eko who loves the water or who suffers from chronic ear infections I highly recommend you look into the available over the counter anti-bacterial/ anti-yeast options.  For serious concerns, I will always head straight to the vet but I also like to have the tools to give Eko the care he needs for minor issues.

Now that Eko is all fixed up you would think that like the wolf in Red Riding Hood Eko’s big ears are all the better to hear me with. Yet for some reason when I tell Eko it’s time to leave the beach he doesn’t seem to hear me…

17 thoughts on ““Grandmother, What Big Ears You Have.””

  1. Poor pup. Eko, if you want to get back at Will for having to visit the vet again, do some lovely nose art on a freshly cleaned window or patio door. And keep your ears out of the water.

  2. I certainly have my own set of floppys and for the first few years of my life I had infections 5-6 times a year. We tried a bizillion ear cleaners, over the counter, prescription, nothing worked and we were not happy about always needing medicine. In an online forum we found the recipe for Blue Ear Cleaner, an inexpensive homemade cleaner. I am now pleased to say that I am approaching 2 1/2 yrs of being ear infection free. Bailie is also getting the solution once a month in the hope that she never has an ear infection. We swear by the stuff and other than the 4-letter word bath, we don’t swear much. Here is a link to that post with the downloadable recipe pdf. Highly recommended from long, hairy eared friends! http://mygbgvlife.com/2012/08/23/my-floppys/

    • Thanks for the link, some how I missed that post the first time around. Luckily Eko doesn’t have long ear hair to contend with – my mom’s dog has it as well and it’s no fun to pull. The cleaners I bought are alcohol free so they won’t irritate, but the vet did also recommend a small alcohol based cleaner as well. I’ll have to check out your homebrew!


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