Our Visitor Is Having A Ball

Yesterday, Eko and I took my brother and Dutch on a tour of our favorite spots in Chicago. For the entire time we were out, Dutch carried a tennis ball in his mouth.  I figured he was just excited to explore the new city, but when we got home Dutch and his ball remained inseparable.

Best friends

In fact, last night Dutch fell asleep with the tennis ball in his mouth!  Then his legs kicked and he whimpered as he dreamed – of being at the park I’m sure

After yesterday’s long adventure, Dutch decided today was a good day to relax.  He’s a quick study because he jumped right up to Eko’s favorite spot.  He knew Eko would have picked the best spot in the house!

Although he was just relaxing, Dutch had to bring the ball with him

Eko was perplexed at how Dutch stole his spot, but as I tell my brother, “Age before beauty.”  Just kidding, Dutch may be older but he is definitely still more handsome than my brother


And of course Eko wasted no time hopping back to his spot while Dutch was out for a walk

Few things are more relaxing than a couple of tired out pups.  While I give my brother a tour of the city this afternoon it’s nice to know that Dutch and Eko will enjoy their quiet time on the couch.  Humans can be overwhelming, so I’m sure they will enjoy the break!


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