[VIDEO] Old Dogs Learn Some New Tricks

It’s been a lot of fun hosting the elder statesman and his elder statesdog for the week. Check out a few of our adventures from the week.



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Old Dogs Learn Some New Tricks”

  1. Aww. At least two people. I loved it. Did you have a hard time getting Eko to walk nicely on a leash? I know you run together now (and I want to) but I’m not thinking we are ready. We are still trying to walk nicely without pulling. Was it easy for you?

    • Teaching Eko loose leash walking was (is!) a big challenge. He is stubborn and independent so it requires consistent training. I have actually found loose leash running to be easier because it’s more fun for Eko in general. I found that breaking loose leash walking training into small sessions each day kept the experience from being frustrating or boring for either of us.

      • I might try it. But I’ll have to hold the leash to keep him with me. Otherwise (running) is pulling to the max w/ momentum. I’m trying to be consistent w it…thanks for the thoughts and shared struggle.:)

  2. great video – you guys look like you had a blast. Love watching your friday videos -they always add a smile or laugh to my day


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