[VIDEO] The Allure Of The Lure

Eko running on-leash with me is the equivalent of a Ford Mustang driving with a cinder block attached.  That’s why I love when I have the opportunity to set Eko loose and watch him run full throttle.  In all our adventures I have found that the best way to watch Eko run is on a lure course.  For those who are unfamiliar, lure coursing is an event where dogs chase a lure attached to a wire that zips around a predetermined track.  In the below video you can check out two lure course runs than Eko did in San Diego.  The first is a wider shot of the course and the second one gives a closer look at Eko in full stride.



Unfortunately we have not had the chance to run any lure courses since moving to Chicago but I am actively looking for somewhere to go.  I’m hoping we might be able to squeeze in a run before the end of the fall.  If anyone knows any good organizations or resources for lure coursing please be sure to let me know.  Thanks!



Will, we have never seen one of those until now. Eko sure was enjoying that nice run. Wishing you all the best in finding a place to take him to run. Hugs and nose kisses

I don’t know if you and/or Eko ever watch “Too Cute Puppies” on Animal Planet, but in the Rhodesian Ridgeback episode they set up a lure course in the backyard and let the puppies try it out. It was (dare I say) too cute!

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