Magic Words

A dog’s sense of hearing is pretty incredible.  I’m not talking about the powerful ability to hear better than us humans, mind you.  I’m more impressed by Eko’s selective hearing. Sometimes at the park I swear I have a deaf dog, but that’s not what I mean either!

At at home I never ceased to be amazed at Eko’s ability to hear the “magic words,” no matter where he is and no matter how quietly I say them.  The magic words are unique for each pup, but they’re magic because your pup knows they mean it’s time for one of their favorite things.  Here are the magic words for Eko:

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“Goooood morning” – Eko used to  jump out of his bed anytime I got up.  Even if it was the middle of the night and I was just going to the bathroom or to grab some water.  On those occasions when he’s not the first one out of bed, he knows that “good morning” means its time to get the day started.  No more hopping in and out of bed for Eko

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, marking our territory, mr. eko, dogs, photos

“Hungry?” – Easily Eko’s favorite magic word, “hungry” always elicits the same response.  Eko licks his lips, does a lap around the table and then sits like a polite school boy, his eyes begging me to hurry up!

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“Treat” – For the most part, Eko is out cold when he takes a nap on the couch.  He could sleep through a party.  But somehow, no matter how deep his slumber, his head immediately pops up if he hears the T-word.  Sleep can always wait for treats

Rhodesian Ridgeback, dogs, adventure. photos, chicago

“Outside/Walk” – The King of Blankets comes billowing over to my desk anytime I mention going outside.  He makes sure to block the door so he can’t be left behind.

“Ohhhh-kay” – This is my personal favorite magic word.  All the other magic words were ones I consciously chose and repeated, but Eko learned “Ohhh-kay” all on his own.  I did not realize that before Eko and I do just about anything I will take a deep breath and say “Ohhh-kay.”  I only realized it when I was upstairs by myself and said it and Eko came dashing up the stairs expectantly.  It made me question who is training who!

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, marking our territory

“What’s that?” – No matter what he’s doing, if Eko hears me say “What’s that?” he picks his head up and quickly looks around.  He know’s I’m letting him know a new dog is at the park, or something else good is going on that he should check out.

Magic words can also cause some trouble.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, marking our territory, mr. eko, dogs, photos

“Did you say, ‘meet you there’ or ‘treat you there?'” – If I use a word similar in sound to a magic word, Eko will often give me a quizzical look and try to decipher what’s going on 

Rhodesian Ridgeback, adventure, marking our territory, mr. eko, dogs, photos

“I’m hungry too!” –  Visiting home, my mom asked me if I was hungry.  Eko already had breakfast, but that didn’t stop him from pouting for twenty minutes after hearing the magic word

One of my favorite parts about Eko’s magic words is having to tiptoe around them when I have friends over.  The conversation usually go as follows:

Me: In fifteen minutes I have to take Eko for uh…a you-know-what, you-know-where…

Them: …you mean a walk outside?

*Eko goes crazy*

Me: Welp, guess we’re going for that walk now.

What are the magic words in your house?

40 thoughts on “Magic Words”

  1. Potty… Can’t even spell it.. I get p.o. And there at the door spinning in circles lol

    Or let’s go . They will run in to door if I don’t hurry to open it..

    My fave is daddy’s home and that is met with bellows of barking and expecting the door to garage open to great daddy.!!!!guess I’m boring lol

  2. I love your blog! My husband and I have a rescue pup (he is 5, but still my puppy 😉). Jack has a little bit of separation anxiety and when my husband asks me if I am ready to leave-Jack drops his head and pouts. So we tried spelling ready. Yeah, that worked for about a week!! We have to be careful about saying squirrel and don’t EVEN think about looking in the direction of where his leash is kept!!! We also board him at a place that has camp in its name. As soon as he hears that he goes bonkers!!!

    • Thanks so much, glad you like it! Haha, it never ceases to amaze me how clever and perceptive a dog can be. It’s almost like they know what we’re going to do before we do. And I’m with you, Eko is my once and forever puppy. Just a bit tougher to pick up these days!


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