[VIDEO] Do Dogs Really Wag Their Tail To The Right If They Are Happy?

Earlier this week I wrote about studies which say that dogs wag their tails to their right side for positive emotions and to the left side for negative emotions.  Not only that, but dogs will use which side another dog’s tail is wagging in order to gauge their mood.

Of course, we don’t just accept research at face value around these parts.  Time to do science!  Check out our test results:



Eko is just one pup, but I have to admit I was surprised how I was immediately able to notice the differences once I knew what to look for.  Next time your pup wags their tail, take a closer look and let me know how it goes.

Have a tail-wagging (to the right, of course) good weekend!

10 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Do Dogs Really Wag Their Tail To The Right If They Are Happy?”

  1. Until you explained it, I didn’t know what the study had meant by wagging right or left. I thought their tails wagged from side to side, both directions. It was interesting to see your clips and understand that it doesn’t really work that way. I’m going to watch my pups more closely now. Thanks!


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