The Best Way To Celebrate Black Friday With Your Pet

I don’t know about you, but I’m probably not going to need to eat until sometime the middle of next week.  That being said, I’m already dreaming of the Thanksgiving leftovers-sandwich I’m going to whip up.  But first, time for a long walk with Eko.  And a visit to his old holiday nemesis.

Be wewy wewy quiet

Eko thinks it’s a massive squeak toy but unfortunately I don’t think the neighbors would be thrilled for their decorations to be treated as such

Next up on our checklist for the day? Celebrate Black Friday the Will and Eko way: by looking at the black on the back of our eyelids!

Black Friday

Naptime!  Catch everyone next week

Hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoys the weekend.

9 thoughts on “The Best Way To Celebrate Black Friday With Your Pet”

  1. Will, you have the best ideas ever. Yes, Black Friday for us is usually staying at home, sleeping, eating, watching tv, etc. Adorable picture of you and Eko taking a nap.

  2. We’re with you ALL the way! No Black Friday for us, but since we spent yesterday at the Lions game and last night with family, unfortunately we have tons of blogging work to do! Enjoy your nap!

  3. That’s the best way to spend black friday, much better than at wally-world :o) Have a great weekend! Butt the squeaky toy looks great, wish my neighbors had such a thingy, but they only have a rotten Santa on their roof (from last year).


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