My Favorite Christmas Card

For some reason, taking a Christmas card photo with Eko just never seems to work out.

One year it looked like Santa was choking Eko. A hilarious photo, and a personal favorite, but not exactly Christmas card material

No dice

And last year we just couldn’t seem to pull off a good card either

So instead we used these cards for Eko’s reindeer application and other holiday needs

As a few people noticed, the cards are from Dog Mountain, one of the most incredible places I have ever visited.  The 150 acre plot in Vermont is artist Stephen Huneck’s tribute to our four legged friends.

I love both Huneck’s philosophy and his art.  That second statue from the right is my favorite

Inside the chapel Huneck built, visitors leave notes of thanks and love to their dogs.  It is a powerful tribute

Tragically, Stephen Huneck died in 2010 and his wife Gwen, who carried on his work, died just this past summer.  Stephen and Gwen leave a wonderful legacy that lives on at Dog Mountain.  If you ever find yourself in the Northeast, Dog Mountain is a must visit.

If you are looking for fun holiday cards, thank you cards or a number of other gifts, I highly recommend you check out Dog Mountain’s online store. They have a great selection of items that also happen to support a great cause.

All stocked up for any occasion

I can’t visit Dog Mountain these days, but I am glad I can send a little piece of it to my friends and family with each card I write.  The cards, like Eko, remind me to cherish the simple and best things in life.

15 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Card”

  1. Good pics with Santa are pretty hard to get, so we gave that idea up a while back. I love those cards, they are pretty neat, our style for sure! It would be a fun place to visit but is that statue second from the right always there? 😉

  2. I guessed it that the second from right is the best :o) Dog Mountain must be a wonderful place, how sad that Mr. Huneck and his wife passed away. We sadly still bought our cards, but next year this cards are on my wishlist :o)

  3. Wow, I just had to take a small (maybe a big) breath now after reading your last posting. Two of the most important things in my life is my Ridgeback Bella and the state that I love – Vermont. I do not live in VT, but have set a goal to be moving there in 2015. Another place that is on my must do list is visit Dog MT – which I have “found” this summer online and just adore. I must admit that I have been following your blog only recently (Eko looks exactly like the boy version of Bella!!) and I also follow blogs about Vermont. So when you mentioned your love of Dog Mt… Vermont, on a Ridgeback blog…you get the picture 🙂 Thank you for a great blog, love comparing Eko’s adventures with Bella’s!!


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