[VIDEO] All Aboard The Holiday Express

Eko and I are on the road to NJ today, but for some reason I had to do all the work to get us ready for the trip.  Go figure.



Travel gets pretty hectic from this weekend through the end of the year, so if you’re on the road, tracks or in the sky from now until then, travel safe.

Catch everyone next week from the East Coast!

4 thoughts on “[VIDEO] All Aboard The Holiday Express”

  1. Yeah, I can see why a bath must be done before a long road trip together in the car! I do that with my dogs sometimes too. Although, if truth be known, many times I just love a genuine dog smell. Not dirty, not perfumey, just their authentic smell. its so comforting. But a dirty doggy smell? Not so much. Glad your trip was safe.

  2. Hope you had a safe trip! Mom says that us dogs have too much stuff too. We just remind her that there are three of us and only one of her, plus we bring food and beds, she leaves that stuff for herself at home!

  3. Have a safe trip Will and Eko! We’ll be doing a lot of driving too, it’s my least favorite thing to do during the holidays. Let’s hope for clear weather for our drives – I think we’re supposed to have a “heat wave” up to 70 degrees by Sunday! You may have a balmy Christmas here in NJ! 🙂


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