One More For The Road

It’s only fitting that 2013 end with a road trip, and so Eko and I are on our way home to Chicago today.  New Jersey is not exactly known for being the “great outdoors” but Eko had a nice romp in the woods to tire him out before our trip.


On your mark…


Get set…




One happy pup

Once again, Eko has somehow worked out the better end of the deal.  He’s sleeping and I’m driving.  The road awaits, catch everyone from Chicago!

9 thoughts on “One More For The Road”

  1. Dear Will & Eko,
    Being a part of your adventures together have been fun and affairs of the heart, if you will….Rooi and I have spent many hours on the road together in his 9 (too short) years of life. Documenting and writing about our adventures and all the wonderful people we’ve met…..many who stopped to admire and pet the big handsome boy he was. I lost him on December 13th of this year, but he will remain forever in my heart and soul. Our relationship with our pets is a very special thing. You two have a wonderful 2014 together and….keep us posted.
    Best wishes….
    Barbara Sjolund
    Buhl, Idaho


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