My Day In Court

Some adventures you have to go it alone. Today is one of those adventures for me because I have to head downtown for jury duty.  I think Eko romping around would really boost morale for the bored jurors who have to sit around all day, but unfortunately he is not allowed to make the trip.

Judge Eko

“I sentence you to looking at my sad puppy dog eyes before you go”

I have a difficult time following the instructions on the back of my microwave burritos, so today could get interesting.  While I’m fulfilling my civic duty, Eko gets to kick back and watch some reruns of his favorite shows.

 Dog shows, that is

If I am selected for a trial, I think my extensive experience in figuring out who ate my shoes should serve me well.  Either way I know there is a big Eko-style “welcome home” dance waiting for me at the end of the day.  What more could a guy ask for?

9 thoughts on “My Day In Court”

  1. LOL, I’d recognize that judge anywhere. Eko really would make the day much better. Besides dogs are very intuitive, he probably could find the guilty guy a lot faster and save the court a bunch of money. If there’s a reward, Eko could buy a bunch of dog cookies.


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