And The Verdict Is…

I’m on my way downtown this morning for one last day as a juror.  After closing arguments and deliberation, we will render our verdict.


While these banditos were sentenced to the gallows at this dog show, luckily I won’t have to render such a harsh verdict.  My trial is a civil case, not criminal case

On the other hand, the verdict is definitely in for Eko.  He’s bored!  And I think I have let him watch way too much TV while I’m gone.  This is how he described the dream he had last night.

Jurrasic Bark

No more rated R movies for the little guy

Between jury duty and everything else I have going on this week, I must confess to my own crime.  I am definitely guilty of not giving Eko enough attention.  I can tell he’s bummed.  But we’ll fix all that soon enough.


Can’t wait to curl up with my best friend

I will pick up another $17.20 check today from the court, so Eko should have a nice stockpile for a new toy.  Not a bad deal!


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