One Nation, Under Dog

I recently read a piece which detailed the impossibility of being a US president without having a dog.  Surely, they exaggerate I thought.  But the facts back up the claim.  The past nineteen presidents have all had dogs, and in total, 32 out of 44 presidents had a pet dog.



President Ford and his dog Liberty (source).  But who was really in charge?

Now, you don’t need a president to be a dog, but you do need a dog to be a president. Therefor, accordingly to airtight logic, dogs are essential to running a country.


Herbert Hoover and King Tut, his Belgian Shepard (source).  Hoover’s smirk is a dead giveaway that King Tut was in charge


Grace Coolidge on the lawn of the White House with Laddie Buck (Airedale Terrier) and Rob Roy (White Collie) (source).  My guess is that they were discussing foreign policy


FDR taking a break from reading to consult with Fala, his terrier (source

As it turns out, the list of presidential pets reads like the Wizard of Oz script – there have been lions (Coolidge), tigers (Van Buren) and bears (Jefferson). Teddy Roosevelt had a veritable menagerie with snakes, rates, owls and a lizard named Bill.  In the end, it seems they all agreed it was in the best interest of national security to have a dog keep watch at the White House.  Which then makes me wonder, when will dogs finally step out of our shadows and run for office directly?

vote-dogEko in 2016?

Well, here’s hoping if he does choose to throw his bone into the ring, Eko remembers the little guy who took him to the park every day!

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