A Lesson In Canine Massage

Late last year our pal Cash crashed at our place for the week.

As a nice thank you, Cash sent Eko a gift certificate for a class at Canine Massage Chicago

Normally, Eko’s idea of a massage is flopping onto someone’s lap for a scratch

I love learning new things about dogs, and since I have a head full of rocks I often have that opportunity. Last night Eko and I braved the cold and met the Canine Massage team for a fun and informative training session.

As usual, Eko wasted little time introducing himself

Erin, a therapist at CMC, led the class and we started off by learning how to perform a basic “diagnostic” massage.

Erin braved a barrage of Eko-kisses to walk me through the muscular/skeletal anatomy of a dog from nose to tail

Eko is an active, energetic and adventurous pup, but like most dogs he will hide injury/pain by compensating for it on his own.  The diagnostic massage, performed every couple weeks, is a simple way to perform a maintenance check on your pup to make sure they’re healthy.  It is also a form of preventative care that allows you to notice lumps, bumps and abnormalities sooner than you otherwise would have noticed.

Erin also walked me through the process of using massage to check for muscle tension, sensitive joints and injured paws.  Eko is always up for any adventure, but I like that I now have the tools to make sure he is 100% healthy first.

It wasn’t all business though.  Erin demonstrated some of the more soothing strokes as well and before long Eko was luxuriating in the attention.

Tough life

The massage class was part anatomy lesson, part training session and all parts enjoyable.  I left a more informed, better trained person than when I walked in.  Most importantly, the class improved the level of care I can offer to the pup who offers me everything.

Thanks to the Canine Massage Chicago team for a great class!

Many canine massage services offer free clinics or individual classes, so if there is one in your area I highly recommend checking them out.  Your pup will love the attention and you will appreciate the experience and knowledge.

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  1. Oh, wow! We didn’t know you could get pet massages that is cool. Mumsy gives me massages but she don’t really know what she is doing. I gotta tell you though they feel pretty good. Great pictures! Hugs and nose kisses Chancy


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