Eko’s New Cellmate

While I was away for jury duty a couple weeks ago Eko had to hang out all week alone in the apartment.

He could barely stand the excitement

I was paid handsomely for my civic service ($17 a day) but instead of buying a yacht and settling into early retirement with my windfall, it seemed only right to compensate Eko for serving his prison sentence while I was away.

And what does every prisoner need?  A ball and chain of course.


I couldn’t find a suitable chain, but Eko was happy to settle for this new Kong ball.  Tennis balls have a lifespan of about two minutes with Eko, so this ball should hopefully keep Eko entertained for much longer

I felt bad for leaving Eko in solitary confinement so I thought it was only right to find him a cellmate.

Eko warily eyeing his new cellmate, Dig

Dig was dressed for the part, but what about Eko? Well,  I had a few extra jury-duty-bucks left over and Halloween costumes are at clearance prices, so…

I now live with two hardened criminals!

After I took a couple photos, I had to deal with a full on battle between the prisoners

A couple new toys for Eko and a couple laughs for me – money well spent in my opinion!

34 thoughts on “Eko’s New Cellmate”

  1. Love this, and you are brave to go to sleep at night with those two sharing your digs. I’m with you on the tennis balls. Lucy destroys them in mere moments if I’m not paying attention.


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