[VIDEO] Imagination At Play

Another week, another blast of sub-zero temperatures here in Chicago.  Winter is giving us a heck of a beating this year, but we don’t let it get us down.  My apartment may be small, but there is plenty of room for adventure if you put your mind to it!




16 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Imagination At Play”

  1. Your sweet Eko is so flippin’ brilliant Will, the hide-n-seek part of your video just rocks. It is evident by Eko’s talents how much time and love you give each other. I never get tired of my visits here, you always manage something fresh and new and put a big smile on my face. BRAVO guys!

  2. That was fun watching the two of you. What a great counter and door opener sweet Eko is. We liked that nice long stretch too. You two have a great weekend and we hope you see some warmer weather soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Good work opening up the door! We have knobs, so it isn’t so easy. Looks like you have lots of fun. Games with the human and snuggles after are always the best!


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