“It’s Your Birthday? That’s Nice. You Still Need To Take Me Out To Pee”

28 years ago today, much to the chagrin of my older sister, I was born.   She was hoping for a girl. For people, birthdays are “special days,” and a day to share some extra affection and attention with a loved one.  I certainly appreciate the kind words and presents.

Eko on the other hand doesn’t care or know it’s my birthday, and I think his indifference might just be my favorite gift.

“Morning birthday boy, I’m hungry.”

And just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean we can slack off.

There’s always work to be done

Pets don’t celebrate birthdays and they don’t pay attention to the calendar.  It’s a nice reminder that what makes a day special is what we choose to do with it.  Eko also reminds me to disregard the date and to always love for love’s sake.

And sure, he didn’t know it was my birthday this morning, but Eko was still happy to go out dancing with me at the park.

Eko’s got some serious moves

Another successful trip around the sun, but there’s more adventure to be won.  Thanks Eko for keeping my head screwed on straight.  It’s a tough job, and I appreciate the effort!

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