Mother Nature Is Not Happy

This is what Montrose beach looked like February 5, 2013

A bright, brisk winter day

This is what Montrose beach looks like February 5, 2014




Chronicles of Narnia?

Another blast of snow came through Chicago last night.  I think this is some serious payback for the past two mild winters.  Eko and I braved the storm for a romp, but once at the beach it quickly became apparent we could not stick around for long.  Our planned romp inadvertently turned into a fashion magazine cover shoot.


With the wind rippling through his air, Eko looked perfect for the dog edition of Vogue

The wind picked up and Eko looked like a jet on the runway


Eko was loving the wind, but then it just got out of hand…

I thought my little pup was going to get blown away!

“Yeah, Will, it’s time to go.” 


If anyone sees Mother Nature, please put in a good word for the city of Chicago to get an early spring.  Not sure how much more winter we can take!

20 thoughts on “Mother Nature Is Not Happy”

  1. Eko looks like one of those airport guys that holds out the flags for planes parking, HA…they seem to signal the exact same way.
    Are those waves frozen into shapes from the wind? You’re right, it does look like Narnia.


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