Your Pet, The Philosopher

When I first heard people mention Plato I thought they were talking about the children’s toy Play-doh.  As I learned, Plato was actually a pretty wise guy, and not a wise-guy like we call some people back in Jersey. I recently stumbled on to a quote from Plato which I enjoyed – “A dog has the soul of a philosopher.”

Of course, every philosopher needs a philosophy so I thought about what Eko the philosopher might say to a roomful of students:


“If they can’t open the door, they can’t leave. If they can’t leave, they can’t leave without you.”


“Slow and steady isn’t much fun. Especially when you’re a turtle stuck in a corner.”


“Puppy dog eyes… 60% of the time, it works every time.”


“If it’s edible, eat it.  If it’s inedible, eat it.”


“Not everything that looks good tastes good”

DSC04278-1 “I don’t know if the key to happiness is naps, but they certainly can’t hurt the cause”
Incoming 1

“Give hugs. Often. At high speed, if necessary.”

So what about your four-legged philosophers, what are their philosophies on life?

27 thoughts on “Your Pet, The Philosopher”

  1. Cody’s philosophy would have been:

    – Take naps. The more comfortable, the better.
    – Eat when the opportunity arises.
    – All human food must make it to the fridge if you plan to eat it later.
    – Farting and burping happens. Sometimes in your beloved human’s face. Sometimes it stinks.
    – Share the love. (Which I think is most important.)


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