Warren Buffet is about to make Eko the first dog billionaire

I’ve researched the topic exhaustively (or maybe, I was exhausted and didn’t research it at all) and never before has there been a pet with earnings over a billion dollars.  Thanks to Warren Buffet’s foolish overconfidence and Eko’s predictive prowess, that’s all about to change.

If you haven’t heard, Buffet is offering up a billion dollars if you can pick the perfect bracket for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Statisticians say your chance of making the perfect bracket sits around 1 in 7.5 billion.

But statisticians don’t have my secret weapon

What the statisticians did not account for is an unflappable pet who knows how to pick a winner. (Note: I picked Eko, so you can’t blame him for getting stuck with me. Don’t count that against him). Moreover, most people make the mistake of picking based on talent. Eko has a far more rigorous process.

It’s quite complicated, I will explain it all in Friday’s video

On Friday I will run down the full process of how Eko arrived at his bracket, but since picks are due before then I wanted to share the link to enter the free contest. The odds for humans are terrible, so why not let your pet take a shot at picking the bracket?

This billion dollar bet is a slam dunk for Eko

On the off chance we don’t hit the 1 in 7.5 billion shot, Buffet is also paying out a hundred grand to the top twenty overall brackets.  Either way, that’s a lot of dog treats. If we win, we promise to share!

16 thoughts on “Warren Buffet is about to make Eko the first dog billionaire”

  1. So I guess the fact that I know nothing about the league or March Brackets makes any diff? Well that’s the best odds I have for a long while, LOL I wouldn’t want to compete with Eko though, that’s a slam dunk.

  2. Oops! I read that last remark as, “he’s odd”. I knew that couldn’t be true. Not with Eko, anyway. Guess I need to ask him to loan me his glasses. lol Good luck with Warren, though, you both deserve it.
    Please keep Tuffy in your prayers. He got attacked by (I believe) another cat. As a result, he has three tiny bite marks on his back, and a little less fur. It must have been a BIG cat, since Tuffy weighs in at 20+ pounds. Meanwhile, he’s playing his ‘oowie’ for all it’s worth.

  3. Doesn’t Eko kind of already have it made?? I mean… He pretty much naps whenever he wants. And he works you and Emily to get as many treats and meals he already gets.

    If he does win, does that mean he will pay rent, utilities and other needed bills??


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