Blaze of Glory

Yet another cold front swept through Chicago this weekend. We’re hoping it’s winter’s last gasp, but you never know.  In any event, the weather made the space heater a hot commodity in the apartment. Emily managed to snag prime position for a nap, but Eko was not so easily deterred.

In the latest display of his “lap dog is a state of mind” mantra, Eko valiantly tried to find a comfy perch

Sure, the other half of the couch was completely open, but Eko had to be by the heater

So he squirmed and contorted and wedged himself in place

I was cracking up, but Eko was not amused

As much as I enjoyed the show, I figured it was best to find a solution where Eko wouldn’t break his back and crush Emily at the same time.  We had just enough wood left for one good fire and a lazy Sunday seemed like the perfect time to use our fireplace one last time before we move.

With the fire roaring, Em and Eko were both warmer and significantly more comfortable

The fireplace is undoubtedly one of the best parts about this apartment and I’m really going to miss it

And so is this guy!

We’re going to miss the fireplace, but we’re not going to miss this winter! Hopefully it warms up for good soon.


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