Best Beach Buds

Winter isn’t making it easy, but Spring is waging a desperate struggle to shake off the cold and gray skies. Yesterday the sun peaked out just long enough to remind us to keep hope alive. And what better way to enjoy the moment than to hit the beach with your best friend?

 For the first time in a long time, the beach was all sand. No snow, no ice, just beautiful sand

Eko and his pal Riley went on an excavation to see what treasures winter had hidden

The two worked feverishly to uncover their prize – a sand-aged stick

Which Riley promptly stole! Eko took off in hot pursuit

It was a blast watching the two race up and down the beach

Eko pounced…

And bounced! But he just couldn’t get Riley to give up the stick

So Eko just found his own stick to enjoy

Which of course made Riley quite jealous

Another pup also schemed to steal Eko’s prize

So he chased her off

Only to discover Riley was after his unguarded stick

Eko managed to steal back his prize and spent the remainder of our trip luxuriating in the sand

Sometimes when things are cold and gray, just a bit of sunshine makes all the difference. Thankfully, when the sun is not around I have Eko. But we’re both much happier with the sun – get a move on spring!

24 thoughts on “Best Beach Buds”

  1. True nut’ when you have a dog, there’s sunshine everyday no matter the weather. I love the pounce and bounce photo’s. Those are just awesome ! Look how high off the ground Eko is ! It’s like there are bed springs under that dog, HA! I always loved watching dog language too. The second pup inviting Eko to play with the tell, ‘bow and bum in the air’, just brought back such good memories.

  2. Great photos of a happy Ridgeback! I have a Ridgeback boy as well, but he is more reserved toward strangers than Eko. Do you feel his friendliness is part of his personality or do you attribute it to training/socialization?

    • Like humans, dogs definitely come pre-programmed. Eko was undeniably a happy/outgoing pup when I got him, but I also put in a lot of time socializing him to reinforce that friendliness. I know I got a huge head start on account of his disposition, but by introducing him to a lot of novel people,places and stimuli in a positive manner I was able to help reinforce his tail-wagging ways.


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