Friend Season is in Full Bloom

Winter is a tough time for a pup to make friends in Chicago. The brutal cold cut short many a trip to the park, and Eko often went long stretches without seeing another dog. But with spring stretching into shape, the world has called for all cooped-up dogs to come out and play.

While Eko got his first taste of spring, a group of dogs came bounding down the beach ramp

Eko turned around to discover the diminutive pups in a massive romp

Eko went to introduce himself, but these fearsome hounds weren’t slowing down for anyone. That suited Eko just fine 

Big or small, spring for all!

One of my favorite things Eko does when running with smaller dogs is that he converts forward momentum into upward momentum so he won’t run too far ahead. The result is big, bounding bounces that crack me up

Eko was so excited to run with new friends that he took off in full zoom-mode and galloped all over the beach.


When he’s most excited, Eko actually starts playing fetch with himself, throwing and catching sticks while tearing across the sand

We still have some time before the flowers show up this spring, but I am happy to report Friend Season is in full bloom.

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