Can you train a dog to fix computers?

My computer has been in the shop the past couple days. When I finally heard back I was told an expensive part and an expensive repair were needed. I expect most people cave and pay, but I expect know most people are smarter than me. I on the other hand decided to buy the part myself and try to repair the computer by myself. Well, not by myself, of course – I had Eko.

“Will, do you know how to repair computers?” you ask. “Do you even understand what you’re supposed to repair?” you wonder. In response I would say, “Hey, you ask a lot of questions.”

I’ve trained Eko to play dead, so I figured I could train him to help repair my computer. 

First, we put on glasses and considered the problem. Studies show glasses make you 46% smarter

Next, we came up with a plan for the repair. I then got all the necessary tools

“Will, from the tools you’ve chosen, it’s clear you have no idea what you’re doing”

As much as I hated to admit it, Eko was right. I really had no idea what I was doing. I then gave Eko my phone and told him to call tech support.

“Will, this is not a phone. This is a banana. And I’m a dog. You’re losing it.”

Unfortunately, it turns out you CANNOT train your dog to fix your computer. What a bummer. However, your dog will watch you slam your head into the table for hours as you try to fix a computer, so there’s that.

It wasn’t pretty and I’ve got a bruised forehead, but I fixed the computer! I don’t have footage of the moment when I pressed the power button and the computer turned on, but it was pretty much exactly like the scene from The Sound of Music when Julie Andrews is dancing around in the mountains.

The computer is allllliiiive, with the sound of the internettttt

We’re back in business, baby! As nice as it is to be plugged in again, I solemnly swear to unplug and enjoy each and every day. If I forget, Eko is always happy to remind me.

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20 thoughts on “Can you train a dog to fix computers?”

  1. I am following you via bloglovin, and when I clicked on the link it went to a blank screen. I don’t know if that problem is on your end or from Bloglovin.

    Loved the post, by the way.

  2. First off, mom wears glasses full-time (she’s even been known to fall asleep with them on AND has gotten into the shower on a number of occasions only to realise that she was still wearing them) does this make her 100% more clever 100% of the time? Personally, we think at best she may be a MAD genius…99% mad…1% genius *BOL*
    We’re glad to hear that your computer is working again.
    Wally & Sammy

  3. Bwahahaha those pics had me laughing so much Zoey came over to investigate! 😀

    I’ll try comment on the new shiny blog, but I’m from the UK so it may not work out…


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