[VIDEO] My Dog, The Realtor

This video was our pièce de résistance for Real Estate Week, but due to technical difficulties it is now a bit late. Nevertheless, our apartment is still on the market and we want to help our landlord find a buyer. So without further adieu, let Chicago’s finest realtor take you a virtual tour of our apartment.

This place is going to be sold in no time!

Note: Thanks to everyone for swinging by the blog yesterday and leaving feedback. Going to try to get a few issues ironed out and we’ll be good to go. Appreciate the help!


26 thoughts on “[VIDEO] My Dog, The Realtor”

  1. I’ll bet a day of showing properties wore Eco “to the bone” (steak, that is). I’m very impressed with your’s and Eco’s inventiveness and professional sense of presentation. He’s such a good boy. The costumes you come up with are so entertaining. Especially when you see such a sad-sack look on Eco’s face. Perhaps you should paint a big smile on his face for the next parade. lol

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