What Do Your Pet’s Toys Say About You?

The other day my mom was telling me about which toys her new pup Auggie likes best. “Do you know why I like his toys?” she asked. I guessed durability and cost but my mom just laughed.

Auggie’s (and my mom’s) favorite toys

The soccer ball toy reminded my mom of us kids playing soccer growing up. She’s always loved turtles so she picked that plush toy. My mom has a black and white jacket she likes to wear with a bright green scarf, so when she picked a colored toy for her black and white boy she went straight for green. The black and white lamb was the first toy she bought, before Auggie even came home. It was a cute placeholder to remind her of what was to come.

I like the nostalgia and fun my mom put into toy selection because it’s a peek into who she is and the life she’s lived. That got me thinking about my own choices when I buy toys for Eko. A look into his toybin does show mostly utilitarian toys that have withstood months or years of wear. But that evidence is misleading. My photos show I (shockingly) pick plush toys based on how much they make me smile.

Eko’s first plush toy taught my little Ridgeback to hunt lions

 And a more recent plush toy did hard time with Eko

Eko of course shows no preference when it comes to toys – he’s happy to destroy them all. Yes, I generally pick up whatever is in the discount bin, but if given options I undoubtedly have my own (silly) preferences.

From now on when I visit friends who have pets, I will take a look at what toys are laying around and what that might tell me about that friend.

A favorite color? Style? Animal? What do your pet’s toys say about you?

42 thoughts on “What Do Your Pet’s Toys Say About You?”

  1. Having four dogs (who all like different types of toys), there are LOADS of toys in my house. Teddys for ripping, antlers for chewing, balls for chasing, tugs for pulling, squeaky toys for killing etc etc!

  2. How funny! I have never noticed this but it is true. I recently just picked up an animal muppet toy for my husky. Even though I knew she would destroy it instantly…it reminded me of being little. Animal tends to remind me of her! Also, whenever I pick out toys I get one for a girl and one for a boy. That way Grizzley had a manly one…of course his sister always ends up with both.

  3. You’re so right that the toys are a reflection of the owner (or the owner’s family, who gifted them toys!). Winnie’s “grandma” bought Winnie Mickey and Minnie because she loves Disney movies. The toys I bought were more earth-toned and subdued, I think to match my apartment! Hahaha.

  4. Oh how cute does Eko look doing time 🙂 our boys toys which hang in a string bag outside out of reach (so no stomach lodged toy can ever be a problem) show that we do it hard here bwahaha all toys tuff! made to last..some made to float in the dam..and all putrid! I refer to it as the yukky dip! and once a month the whole bag with toys gets put in the laundry trough and thoroughly de -doggie slimed…guess it shows a rural life 😉 hugs Fozziemum x


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