A peek into a future with two dogs

The wheels are in motion to bring home Eko’s little sister (more on that in a later post!) but I think I got an early peek into some of the fun Eko will have with a little sibling.

Spring is undoubtedly new-dog season in Chicago. We’ve seen new pups of all ages at some of our favorite haunts. Yesterday at the beach a 7-month-old pup sauntered down the beach and showed me what I hope will be a common sight in the near future.DSC05215-1

She sauntered down shoreline with the Eko’s favorite stick. Why was it his favorite? Because she had it and he didn’t. Eko wanted to change that


He romp-bowed to try to run her off the prize


But she dug in and snatched the stick up


She evaded both Eko and his hired muscle, then took offDSC05221-1

The chase was on!


The pup led Eko on a high speed pursuit up and down the beach


Eko closed the gap…


And finally caught his prey. Unfortunately, the pup quickly realized Eko is a big sissy and would never steal the stick from her mouth. That’s when she started teasing him


“Nah-nahnah-nah-nah!” But the pup forgot one thing while taunting Eko…


Her stick! Eko giddily trotted off with the whining youngster in tow. Although I was quite please with his brotherly solution to the dilemma


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If our trip to the beach is any indication, Eko and I are in for a fun summer with the newest addition to our family.

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