Why get a second pet?

I announced Eko is getting a little sister, but in my school-boy giddy excitement forgot to share my answer to the most important question. Why?

Well, it’s certainly not because there’s room on the couch

Life is good right now and the puzzle pieces of my daily routine fit together nicely. I get a solid 7-8 hours sleep, and my work schedule is nicely broken up by two walks and one run with Eko each day. And although he still bounces around the beach like a puppy, Eko is fully an adult dog. The trials and tribulations of puppyhood are behind us. Things are comfortable, familiar and steady.

“Me, an adult? Never!”

My daily routine is a well-oiled machine, so why throw a wrench in it? Why add an unfamiliar and untrained dog to the mix? Why add new uncertainty and responsibility to my life? Am I doing this just to blow my hair back?

Blowing your hair back is good for shampoo commercials, but not so good as a reason to get a pet

There are a number of reasons I decided to get a second dog. First, and most simply, I love dogs. I enjoy raising, caring for and sharing life’s adventures with a four-legged buddy. Each dog I’ve had has been unique, and in raising each dog I have grown and learned new things about myself.

To that end, I am also getting a second dog precisely because she will completely shatter my familiar, comfortable routine. I thrive on change and challenge, and I am at my best when forced to adapt to circumstance. Eko completely demolished my routines and made me a much better person for it.

Speaking of the devil, I believe a second dog will also be great for Eko. Even though I do my best to find lots of new adventures, Eko has a predictable daily routine. A second dog will provide important novelty, stimulation and companionship for Eko.  She will also make sure Eko is never without a friend to romp with at the park.  I remember how puppy-Eko invigorated my mom’s dog and I think Eko would appreciate a similar jump-start. Eko is always more animated when we visit home or host a four-legged pal at our B&B. I know he would love to have a full-time sibling again.

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, buddy!

Math suggests two best friends is better than one, so I also have that to look forward to! So the question “Why?” has many answers, but in sum, because it is the right decision for both me and Eko.

For those who have more than one pet, why did you decide it was the right decision for you?

51 thoughts on “Why get a second pet?”

  1. I saw your fantastic news mid-last week but wanted to have some time to catch up on all your posts. It’s so wonderful to be able to share your love and time with another dog. Awesome news Will. Congratulations to the whole family. I think Eko is going to like the idea too of having a full time friend around after the initial shock..ha!

  2. We’ve had two dogs for almost as long as we’ve had dogs. We ended up with two by accident, having found and rescued Tino from abandonment. After that, it just became the norm and even though both Sally & Tino are gone, it feels empty without two. Always someone to pet.


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