[VIDEO] Puppy Proofing Preparation

A comfortable, well-trained adult dog is a luxury that’s made me quite thoughtless. Wires and chargers litter the floor, tasty shoes are left out and I often leave without closing any bedroom/bathroom doors.

But I haven’t forgot the havoc Eko wrought as a puppy. If destruction is an art, puppies are all little da Vincis. With that in mind, I’m trying to get back to some of the good habits that will help set the pup up for success.

17 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Puppy Proofing Preparation”

  1. My Ridgeback Chase is same age as Eko. His behavior is the same and he even opens the door knob just like Eko.He too leaves things alone now but was a bundle of destruction till age 2. Good luck with the little one.

  2. We always said that we should have socialized Cody more as a pup. He would jump all over everyone when they would come in. Luckily, we fixed that. But socialization would have helped greatly. And an obedience class would have been appreciated, now that I think about it. Cody and the family probably could have used it.


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