Moving Apartments is Confusing for all Species

Today kicks off our move between apartments. Like many people, I rate “moving” as only a slight favorite over “hitting myself in the head with a brick.” There’s lots of paperwork, red tape and minutia to trip on. Not to even mention all the actual tripping I’ve done while carrying boxes.

However, I at least knew we were moving. Eko on the other hand had no such warning. After our walk this morning, Eko had breakfast and hopped up for his mid-morning nap. He was quite confused when I started tearing down the apartment around him.

Not your typical Monday. And yes, I have a pink tool box.

I guess Eko chalked it up to a bad dream because he tried to ignore me

Once I started loading the boxes by the door Eko sprung to life. My suitcases weren’t packed, but Eko could tell I was going somewhere and he wanted in. I didn’t have room in the car the first trip so Eko had to stay home.

The forlorn pup

When I returned a short while later Eko made it quite clear he’ll be coming on the next trip.

Packed and ready to go

The good news is we have a few days to move, so we will all have a bit more time to get adjusted and set up. Provided we all survive in one piece. Deep breath. Time to get back to it!

I’m taking Eko for his first visit this afternoon, hopefully he finds the place up to snuff/sniff.

35 thoughts on “Moving Apartments is Confusing for all Species”

  1. We do not envy you having to do all that packing, moving and unpacking. We will be real happy for you when you are all moved and settled in. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. What a sweet pup! We’re waiting to welcome a furry family member until after we arrive on the West Coast (it’s a long drive from Chicago!). Is Eko special, or are Rhodesians normally comfortable in apartments?

    • Eko is special to me (cue studio audience: awwww). The Ridgeback reputation for running and adventure precedes them, but the general consensus is that they are excellent apartment dogs*. The asterisk is because a well exercised Ridgeback is an absolute couch potato for the majority of the day. Eko gets two long walks and one run a day and he’s pretty much a piece of furniture the rest of the time. However, a restless or bored Ridgeback is a recipe for disaster in any home. So with that caveat, I would say Ridgebacks make great apartment dogs. They generally don’t bark and they’ll spend most of the time on the couch so your neighbors will love them too! Let me know if you have any other questions – good luck with the move.


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